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Zomato says food doesn't have religion, wins appreciation on Twitter

NEW DELHI: Food delivery company Zomato is winning the internet after it on Wednesday refused to resolve a customer's complaint about being …Read more

Brand expansion Zomato reaches to 500 cities in India

Read Also Zomato says food doesnt have religion wins appreciation on Twitter On average Zomato is onboarding 30-50 restaurants in each city a figure thats bound to move northward over the
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Zomatos Epic Reply to User After he Cancels Order on Receiving it From Non-Hindu Rider Wins Twitteratis Hearts

Zomato wins appreciation of Twitterati for shutting bigot after Retweeting the post Zomato replied Food doesnt have a religion It is a religion sic and won accolades all around Food doesnt have a religion It is a religion
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K-State QA 10 wins or bust Plus Bill Snyder Reid Najvar sellout streaks and fast food

I get the sense most fans have set their sights on at least 10 wins him when he says he feels fine I think so Just because he missed one day of practice doesnt mean he will miss the entire season What is your go to fast food place when you
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Today In Problematic Fashion Gucci Faces Backlash For Selling Sikh Turbans

Sikhs have faced is offensive to say the least The turban is sacred to the Sikh faith–its not just a clothing item One of the reasons Sikhs wear turbans is to promote equality It is insulting to first simplify our religion into a fashion
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Ranbir Kapoors Sanju trailer to be launched in 5 cities simultaneously

Owing to the immense anticipation across the nation the makers have decided to launch the trailer of Ranbir The teaser has garnered immense appreciation for the apt portrayal of Sanjay Dutts life While Ranbir Kapoor is being showered with praises
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The activist in BJP Sudhanshu Mittal

He makes accurate psephology predictions and uses Google mapping to map out the constituencies and in his own words says we have compromised with the fundamentals of the law of land As I said earlier conversion is not an issue Choice of religion
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