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Yuck! Study Says 28 Percent Of Food App Delivery Drivers Taste Your Food

That's nasty,” said Kory Morris, who frequently uses food delivery services. A study by US Foods found one in four delivery service couriers admit to …Read more

Yuck Study Says 28 Percent Of Delivery Drivers Taste Your Food

CBS Local Some food for thought the next time you order a meal from a delivery app 28 percent of a delivery drivers have taken a bite out of your order according to a new study Thats
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Study 28 percent of delivery drivers have eaten your food

A new study might have you thinking twice US Foods came out with research that says 28 percent of delivery customers who said they worried the driver had a taste The study says more than 4 out of 5 customers said theyd be less worried about their
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More than 1 in 4 delivery drivers eat your food order study

More than one in four food delivery drivers have a nausea-inducing new study The survey conducted by US Foods revealed this week that 28 percent of food-delivery app messengers admitted
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Study 1 in 4 food drivers taste your meal

CNN Next time youre starving at home with no food in the house you may want to drive to a restaurant instead of ordering from an app delivery service as a new study says 28 percent of drivers hired by those apps admit to taking food from deliveries
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Americans waste food because were confused and because we can

They conducted studies and found in essence that Americans waste food because we don s study Its the same tendency that makes us think were better drivers than everyone else on the road he said Food-waste reduction advocates say people
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Think these foods are healthy Dont be so sure

Granola was the food most hotly contended While 71 percent of the public rated granola bars a healthy food only 28 percent of nutritionists sugar or light syrup — to make it bind and taste sweet Zarabi suggests toasting your own oatmeal but
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