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Youth travel sports is estimated to be a $17 billion business, expert says

The youth travel sports industry is worth $17 billion. Dev Pathik, founder and CEO of Sports Facilities Advisory, breaks down how the facilities, hotel …Read more

With Youth Sports Booming A Small-Town Manufacturer Looks To Win Big

The US youth sports sector which includes scoreboards and other equipment athletic facilities coaches uniforms and software generated an estimated 17 billion from each business area access to the same exact information Sugg says
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Youth sports Kids parents paying a high price to play

Back then youth 17 billion annually on youth sports creating what a longtime St Louis County parks and rec official deemed a two-tiered dynamic for aspiring young athletes in which there are haves and have-nots As one industry expert put
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Massive indoor sports complex Sacramento regions largest breaks ground in Roseville

Heather Hilton director of sales for the Larkspur Landing hotel previously told The Bee that local hoteliers look forward to the boost in guests from larger events estimated the US youth sports market is currently valued at 17 billion in the
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The biggest thing critics continually get wrong about transgender athletes competing in womens sports

The statistic is similar in the US in 2015 The New York Times cited a 2011 paper that estimated says a key component of Navratilovas argument is that she wants to ban innocent and real transgender athletes from competing in womens sports
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Generation Africa Inspiring Young Africans To Become Agri-Food Entrepreneurs

Africas agri-food sector presents a US 1-trillion business says Svein Tore Holsether President and CEO of Yara Africa has about 600 million hectares of arable land yet it imports food for US35 billion a year a figure that is estimated
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Property market will be badly hit in 2018 says expert

PETALING JAYA The property market will take a terrible hit next year with developers and house owners facing one of the toughest times to find buyers says estimated the value of homes waiting to be sold in the secondary market to be around RM4
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