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Your dog's food may be linked to canine heart disease

(CNN) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning dog owners of a possible link between certain dog food brands and a serious form of canine …Read more

Your dog may be at risk for developing heart disease based on their food FDA says

Whats in your dogs diets could be a factor in whether they develop heart disease investigation into the possible link between DCM and certain pet foods The report says 119 dogs and five cats died from the disease Food labels are confusing
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Your dogs food may be linked to canine heart disease

TY IF YOU DO SWITCH DOG FOODS WATCH CLOSELY FOR ANY CHANGES IN YOUR DOGS BEHAVIOR IT IS A COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE DISEASE you can doIf DCM is caught early heart function may improve in cases that are not linked to genetics with appropriate
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16 dog food brands may cause heart disease in pets FDA warns

The US Food and Drug Administration is still trying to determine why dogs eating certain types of pet food are seemingly more at risk of canine heart disease may be the result of many factors including a recipe formulation and processing and your
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FDA warns certain dry dog foods may be linked to canine heart disease

Dog owners are getting a new warning about concerns over pet food that may be linked to deadly congestive heart that your previously healthy pet has a potentially life-threatening disease
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Grain-free food may be linked to dog heart disease health authority

The reality may the US Food and Drug Administration FDA announcing it was continuing to investigate a potential link between grain-free diets that have a high legume content and dilated cardiomyopathy DCM a canine and feline heart disease that
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These 16 pet food brands could be linked to heart disease FDA says

Dog owners beware the types and brands of food you give your pet could be the reason they develop when the FDA issued a public alert about the potential link between a pets diet and heart disease As DCM is more common among larger dogs the
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