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You can now check public transport times on the Uber app

We’re all used to opening the Uber app when we’re desperate for a quick ride, but the tech giant has now revealed plans to make getting around on public transport easier, too. Uber is introducing public transport schedules into its app so commuters can see …Read more

With longer waiting times on Ola and Uber Bengalureans are turning to other options

While Uber and Ola have a different number of downloads on the app stores industry insiders say that just like drivers switch between Ola and Uber an overwhelming majority of customers check both the apps at the same time Story continues Suman Ghosal
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Now you can check public transport on Uber

Uber can choose the one that suits you best Although these are troubled times for Uber the company wont slow down The next step to integrate the different public transport options into your app Uber has announced a pilot project in Denver that is
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Google Maps can now show you bike sharing stations on app with real-time updates

Google Maps now lets you check Bus travel times from the Where is My Train app that Google acquired last year Google also announced is Mixed-mode directions results that include auto-rickshaws One will notice a public transport tab on Google
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Uber Lyft and the A-Line train have changed the game at DIA shelving plans for more airport parking

Data provided by DIA shows that overall the nearly 47 million vehicles stashed in its public lots last year were down nearly 87000 from 2016 the last time parking peaked Airport officials can transport preferences Many have become ardent fans of
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Uber adds public transportation directions and schedules to its app in London

Uber is adding public transportation schedules and directions to its app in London Starting today London residents who open the Uber app and punch in their destination expecting to see just ride-hail options will now also get time and cost
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Travel Wise From bus to bike to Uber to scooter how to get around while traveling

you have to do a little math take into account the places youre visiting and be open to new ideas Because times Uber and public transportation she says Mobility on demand is poised to change the way you get around on vacation For now
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