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“Yesterday” Wants to Hold Your Hand

To begin with, “Yesterday” is spry and engaging, and the jokes rain down. When Jack types “The Beatles” into Google and gets pictures of insects, you can see the gag coming; not so the payoff, in which he Googles Oasis, finds nothing but desert havens, and …Read more

Yesterday Wants to Hold Your Hand

The art of the counterfactual is a tricky one and it takes all sorts If you are Philip Roth you plow your deep dread into the thought of Franklin D Roosevelt being defeated by Charles Lindbergh in the election of 1940 and of Jewish citizens being
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Watch Yesterday Stars Lily James Himesh Patel Put Their Own Spin On I Want To Hold Your Hand EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Yesterday which premieres in theaters on June 28 imagines a world wherein The Beatles never existed Everyone that aspiring singer-songwriter Jack Malik Himesh Patel knows including his best friend and part-time manager Ellie Appleton Lily James
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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

CHICAGO As a Beatles fanatic who has a band because of their existence the premise of Yesterday was cant miss A man wakes up after an accident to discover hes the only person to
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Yesterday Composer Daniel Pemberton Talks Recording Beatles Classics in Behind the Screen Podcast

meaning Yesterday is jam-packed with classics including Hey Jude Let It Be In My Life I Want to Hold Your Hand Help and All You Need Is Love The movie stars Himesh Patel as Jack a struggling musician who is suddenly the only person on
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Yesterday 10 Other Great Beatles Songs That Have Been Forgotten

Yesterday a movie that imagines what the world would to stardom in the film by recreating a number of classic Beatles songs such as I Want To Hold Your Hand Hey Jude and Let It Be But even outside of the film there are a number of incredible
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Review Yesterday imagines a world without the Beatles and doesnt make you want to visit

And on that level Yesterday is almost impressive in its bad faith beyond the fact that Oasis no longer exists How would I Want to Hold Your Hand A Hard Days Night Back in the USSR and I Saw Her Standing There
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