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Yesterday review – predictable romcom

Yesterday envisages a world in which aspiring singer-songwriter Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is hit by a bus at the same time as a freak cosmic glitch plunges the world into darkness. He wakes in a parallel dimension in which the Beatles never existed and he …Read more

Yesterday review predictable romcom

Pick a different tune Himesh Patel in Yesterday Photograph Jonathan PrimeUniversal Pictures Theres a zesty spark between Patel and James and for a while the film chugs along happily on the goodwill bought by the soundtrack Then one honkingly
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Review Yesterday imagines a world without the Beatles and doesnt make you want to visit

Last years Bohemian Rhapsody gave us a predictable crowd-pleasing number in which Queen underexamined moral logic of the Richard Curtis rom-com universe Not unlike the time-traveling hero of About Time Jack will ruthlessly exploit
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Yesterday Review In a Beatles-Less World Love Really Is All You Need

Thats the premise of Yesterday a light summer breeze of escapist fun courtesy of high-powered director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Richard Curtis In this setup struggling musician Jack Malik played by British actor Himesh Patel in a scrappy
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Yesterday Review Love Isnt All You Need

Danny Boyles Yesterday is a movie with an ingenious idea that has no clue how to pay off its premise Working from a script by Richard Curtis the film takes place in world where no one but the
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Yesterday Comes Together With 125 Million at Thursday Box Office

Yesterday Universal and Working Titles musical rom-com featuring the music of The Beatles Also Read Yesterday Film Review Danny Boyles Beatles Comedy Never Comes Together Boyles Steve Jobs earned 71 million when it went
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Review Endearing imperfect Yesterday imagines a world without The Beatles

Disappointingly though especially for those who dig the idea Yesterday doesnt do nearly enough with a Beatles-less world we can only imagine instead focusing on the kind of predictable love story weve seen before Himesh Patel Meet the
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