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Yemeni Family Reunited After Being Separated By Trump Administration's Travel Ban

Four Yemeni children separated from their parents by the Trump administration's travel ban reunited in Michigan. The ban bars people from seven, …Read more

Yemeni Family Reunited After Being Separated By Trump Administrations Travel Ban

Four Yemeni children separated from their parents by the Trump administrations travel ban reunited in Michigan The ban bars people from seven mostly Muslim majority countries from the US
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Yemeni-American Dies By Suicide After Trump Travel Ban Bars His Family

A Yemeni-American father killed himself earlier this month after his family was barred from entering the country by the Trump administration who have been separated by family members due to the travel ban that bars people from seven predominantly
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Trumps Muslim ban One year later its still a failure that tears families apart

Ali Hassan buries his 2-year-old son at the Islamic Cemetery in Lodi on Dec 29 2018 after he died from a brain disease His Yemeni mother Libyan father was separated from her family for nine months due to the Trump travel ban Her mother took
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US citizens family was denied visas under Trumps travel ban Then he died by suicide

Salem was one of thousands of Yemeni-Americans separated from non-US citizen family members by Trumps travel committed suicide on July 18 after his wife and two oldest children were denied visas under the travel ban in JanuaryCourtesy Mumin
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Syrian family reunited at JFK despite travel ban

President Trumps ban see my family he told reporters after a long embracethe family had been separated for more than two years Kassar had immigrated to Connecticut in 2015 after slipping into the US over the Mexican border and being held
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Yemeni mom overcomes travel ban to finally hold dying son

This is a difficult time for our family but we are blessed to be together the boys father Ali Hassan said at the airport asking for privacy The moment a mother and child were reunited after being cruelly separated Trumps travel ban which
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