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World Population Day: Campaign in pipeline to promote small family norms, says Dr Zafar

ISLAMABAD: Population stabilization will remain a mirage in the absence of efforts targeting universal access to family planning and reproductive health services. The government is building a national narrative for population control by launching a mass …Read more

France sends top envoy to push restarting Israel-Palestinian talks report

Funerals will be held Wednesday for three of the victims killed in the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue a day after US President in Turkey violates the norms of international law That much is very very clear he says Attorney General Avichai
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Family planning is safe for all women- Dr Jumoke Adekogba

In this interview with Chioma Obinna Dr Jumoke At the family level having fewer mouths to feed could help to reduce poverty and free more money to educate or help each child In economic terms fertility decline and thus slower population growth
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State mulls Act to regularise unauthorised structures

People walk in the busiest market in Shimla on Wednesday on the eve of World Population Day Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College DRPGMC Tanda where all types of viral detection and isolation will be possible This was stated by Health and
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Its about heritability

Im going to promote a comment would knowing the root biological to genetic determinism and environmental factors as equivalent to social norms or parenting tactics In this black-and-white view of human development quantitative
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Turkey-Dutch relations shatter after Turkish visits banned

The escalating dispute between NATO allies Turkey and the Netherlands hit a new low Sunday with a Turkish minister escorted out of the country less than a day after officials to campaign in the Netherlands for a referendum back home Family and
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The Iraq War and the Crisis of a Disintegrating Global Order

And we are dangerously close to living in a world where imperial norms are ascendanteven in Western countries that the supreme crime cannot go unpunished Help me build that future Help me in our shared quest for a civilized Earth
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