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Working boundary mela concludes

SIALKOT: The three-day annual Chaambliyaal Mela, concluded at village Tulsipur on Saturday. A large number of people participated in the concluding mass prayers held there at the site along the Sialkot Working Boundary. The site was bedecked with …Read more

Jammu News

#SheridanConvo: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:00 a.m.

UD 50 Lectureship in Urban Design: Rahul Mehrotra MAUD '87

2016 Wheelwright Prize Finalist Presentations

Glasgow gears up for spectacular Mela

AFTER years of performing at the Glasgow Mela Diljeet Bhachu and to performing on the stage instead of working behind it But what a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to shape the event to push the boundaries a little and bring something
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Meet Sylvie Millstein A Female Founder In Fashion

Becoming a designer wasnt always the plan for Millstein but working in fashion wasshe made it her goal they also inspire Millstein to push the boundaries of her designs and rethink the way she communicates her brand in a market rife with retail
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SPARK mela concludes with messages of morality hard work

The fourth edition of the SPARK career guidance mela concluded after disseminating the message of hard work dedication and integrity to more than 30000 students who participated in the mega event for achieving success in varied fields Sushil Kumar
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Chobi Mela X concludes on a high note

Chobi Mela one of the premiere international festivals of photography Curated by Munem Wasif the impressive exhibition titled Rashid Talukder 1939-2011 A Lifes Work was one of the significant ones Rashid Talukder a founding father of modern
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Philadelphia Orchestra uncovers in Candide a vibrant American ambition review

A new Candide in Philadelphia includes a touch of Hollywood with Bradley Cooper The Philadelphia Orchestra concludes its celebration Candide is the work of young man trying to push the boundaries of what American musical theater could
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Come 20 mins early Railways plans airport-like security

The security plan — with high end technology — has already been put in motion at Allahabad in anticipation of the Kumbh Mela which begins this month There are areas which will be closed through permanent boundary walls others will be manned by
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