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Women In Travel: Why Lauren Bates Creates Female-Only Travel Tours For Creative Women

Type “group trips for women” into Google and you'll find an array of different travel options. But if you take a closer look, you'll notice something a little …Read more

Women In Travel Why Lauren Bates Creates Female-Only Travel Tours For Creative Women

Type group trips for women into Google and youll find an array of different travel options But if you take a closer look youll notice something a little peculiartheres the relaxing yoga retreat for ultimate mindfulness and inner peace
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The top women-only vacations for adventurous gals of all ages

Fleet a former jeep tour guide in Arizona decided to found the company when she noticed that women on her tours in co-ed groups did not speak up or share their opinions as freely as women in female-only me to create a niche market in a travel
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Go Inside the Empowering World of All-Womens Adventure Travel

In a haze of happiness and postpartum depression I started to plan my maiden voyage into this female-only see women grow succeed and conquer Kelly Lewis Damesly Co-Founder Turns out combining adventure travel with professional and creative
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Women pay up to 3k for a no men allowed NY club The Wing

A new social club that has landed in New York City is The Wing and women are doing everything they can to get a membership Founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in October to belong to the female-only club you have to first apply then
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TV listings Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of July 14 – 20 2019

Alien 1979 BBC America Thur 6 pm BBC America Fri 1130 am Sundance Sun 230 am Aliens 1986 BBC America Thur 830 pm BBC America Fri 2 pm Sundance Sat 1130 pm ET the Extra-Terrestrial 1982 Cinemax Sat 8 pm Finding Nemo 2003
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Ladies of Note A Brief History of Women Composers Queer and Otherwise

But certainly never about any of the women over the years who have written classical music only solo and small-ensemble works that you could play in your living room which is why we now know this as chamber music Never large-scale works
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