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With No Supreme Court End to Gerrymandering, Will States Make It More Extreme?

The decision by the justices not to intervene in even the most blatant partisan gerrymanders was a letdown to many liberals in this evenly divided purple state, where substantive policy battles often feel overshadowed by knife-fighting over the rules that govern …Read more

The System Is Broken With No Court End to Gerrymandering Will States Make It Worse

On Thursday the United States Supreme Court said it couldnt do anything about that the battle is far from over noting that the fight against extreme partisan gerrymandering now moves to the courts and voters The states emergence in
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Supreme Court ditches fairness voter rights and the Constitution in gerrymandering ruling

But citizens will keep fighting in the states end partisan gerrymandering does not end with the Supreme Courts 5-4 ruling on Thursday It will continue in state courts at the polls in legislatures and in the streets as citizens fight to make
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Supreme Court Rules Partisan Gerrymandering Is Beyond The Reach Of Federal Courts

We are in Mad Max territory now there are no rules Levitt said I think youll see more legislators in more states The Supreme Courts decision has made one thing clear The only way well end partisan gerrymandering is by voting Republicans
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Supreme Court says federal courts dont have a role in deciding partisan gerrymandering claims

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that federal judges have no power to stop politicians from Advances in data analysis and technology make modern partisan gerrymandering far more extreme and effective she said While bygone mapmakers may have
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What Is Gerrymandering And Why Did the Supreme Court Rule on It

In the end the Supreme Court decided neutral But no one had proposed one the court said The court noted that it was not condoning or endorsing partisan gerrymandering Rather it said that Congress and the states had the power to deal with
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The nationwide battle over gerrymandering is far from over

The Supreme Courts ruling Thursday that federal courts have no business deciding how much partisan gerrymandering is too much didnt end the some states have independent redistricting commissions or other guardrails against extreme partisan
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