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With An Eye Toward Lower Emissions, Clean Air Travel Gets Off The Ground

Electric cars are all over the roads these days. But what about electric planes? Air travel currently accounts for only about 2% of global carbon …Read more

With An Eye Toward Lower Emissions Clean Air Travel Gets Off The Ground

Electric cars are all over the roads these days But what about electric planes Air travel currently accounts for only about 2 of global carbon emissions But its expected to grow in the next century and clean air travel is seen as a key part of
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The NCAAs new prospect academies were supposed to help clean up recruiting but are off to a slow start

The NCAA cannot and will not get to where it wants to go with recruiting until it comes to a compromise with AAU culture STORRS Conn– Just 18 coaches speckle the lower level of Gampel you can even sense it in the air here the operation feels
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Preparing and Dressing Apollo 11s Crew for the New Frontier

Each of the Apollo 11 astronauts had to travel eye That caught peoples attention There is museum work behind the scenes There is research still to be done and heres a way for us to
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Californias Central Valley Is Designing the Future of American Agriculture

Whoosh comes a gust of wind and off flutters the pollen little white glints of dust surfing the wind toward female blossoms But since the 1970 Clean Air Act pollution has declined by over 70 percent Particulates that once blew into the Central
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Aircraft fuel is notoriously dirty This airline is betting on clean electricity

Its becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that air travel is a massive and growing problem for the global climate To make matters worse demand for flights is growing Emissions get dozens of passengers in an airliner off the ground
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The Future of Electric Hybrid Aviation

Part of the push toward electric for controlling aviation emissions In the United States many environmental groups have sued the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to push for harder regulations under the Clean Air Act Last year the New York
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