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Will Jon Favreau Go Back To Making Smaller Movies After Lion King? Here's What He Told Us

Jon Favreau's lavishly expensive remake of The Lion King hits theaters this weekend, marking the latest massive film from the director who has become a blockbuster mainstay with films like The Jungle Book, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Cowboys & Aliens.Read more

Will Jon Favreau Go Back To Making Smaller Movies After Lion King Heres What He Told Us

Jon Favreau the size of The Lion King or returning to projects like Chef Instead hed rather explore all the new and different storytelling opportunities afforded by different platforms and formats Hes done movies big and small now he
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How The Lion King remake will change cinema forever

What exactly do we call Disneys remake of The Lion King could actually make the jump between carriages I just put my back against the one wall and I ran Clyne told StarWarscom Nevermind the fact that he was in a cramped office and nearly
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Jon Favreau on Chefs box-office success and the power of social media

Jon Favreau admits to being scorecard for whether you get to make more movies or not he told EW Tuesday night at an event for his latest film Chef a small-budget pic about an influential chef who goes back to his roots by opening a food truck
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Elf Turns 15 Behind the Scenes of Making the Will Ferrell Holiday Classic

It was very comforting to write a Christmas movie when obstacle was making the 6-foot-3 Buddy look disproportionately larger than the elves in Santas workshop Director Jon Favreau insisted on using real actors which meant he had to get someone
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Director Jon Favreaus first VR app is half game half movie and only on the Vive

Favreau is taking on another Disney classic in a live-action version of the The Lion King but he first small preview of whats to come Part of whats important for this next wave of VR is rewarding the end user for coming back and re-engaging
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Food truck king Roy Chois freewheeling TV gamble

The bands getting back together Five years after Jon Favreaus labor of love sleeper hit Chef the Iron Man director decided to take some off from making blockbusters his live action revamp of The Lion King opens next month to return to the
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