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Why real estate agents fail

There are basically three ways to get business out there. You can wait for it. You can buy it, or you can go out and chase after it every single day.Read more

Real estate agents big fail trying to sell Vic property on Selling Houses Australia

Im a real estate agent who cant sell her own home Fleur told the team on Foxtels lifestyle show Selling Houses Australia which airs Wednesday nights Why couldnt the real estate agent sell her own home in a booming market you as
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A FSBO also known as a for sale by owner can easily be described as a homeowner selling their property without the representation of a real estate agent or broker Below are the top 10 reasons why FSBOs fail in real estate REASON 1 FSBOS FAIL
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Real estate agents in Sydneys west fail NSW Fair Trading inspection

Western Sydney real estate agents caught in crackdown Photo the agencies because of ongoing investigations A real estate agent with RaineHorne in Blacktown Edwin Almeida questioned why western Sydney was the only region targeted in the audit
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Why do real estate agents fail

While most successful real estate agents will point to any number of reasons why others fail the truth is that the reason the overwhelming majority of unsuccessful real estate agents are unsuccessful lies in their psychology Dr Dolf de Roos once said
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First-time buyers feel pushed out by bulk investors

Figures from Savills Estate Agents show that almost 3000 properties were block-purchased they dont pay tax on their profits and they dont pay tax on their rents so why wouldnt you invest In a statement the Department of Finance said many
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Dont make these 8 common mistakes when buying property

Most people that set out to become property investors fail Mistakes are made that can often Too often people rely on advice from the wrong person Why would a buyer trust a real estate agent if they agent is engaged by the seller in the transaction
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