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Why is nursing home food so bad?

Cost-cutting, funding that doesn't reward good food, and residents not having a voice contribute to poor quality nutrition in our aged care homes.Read more

Nursing home hidden camera investigation: Understaffed and overworked

'I am shocked': Maggie Beer roasts aged care food after hearing of maggots and re-used meals

Hidden camera investigation: Nursing home abuse, violence (Marketplace)

Aged care workers reveal what it’s really like inside nursing homes | Four Corners

Why is nursing home food so bad Some spend just 608 per person a day thats lower than prison

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety this week turned its attention to food and nutrition The testimony of maggots in bins and rotting food in refrigerators was horrific
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Why is nursing home food so bad

Cost-cutting funding that doesnt reward good food and residents not having a voice contribute to poor quality nutrition in our aged care homes That can be devastating But there is a better way writes this expert Preview Above An Australian mans
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A nursing home chain collapses amid allegations of poor care unpaid bills

Skylines four other nursing homes in Massachusetts were facing the same crisis Funds were so short And if the facility did a bad job in one place its not likely to do a good job in another facility Why do we want to give them more
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Who takes care of mom and dad in the nursing home In NJ the answer can be scary

There are about 44000 nursing home residents in New Jersey according to the AARP Those on the front lines the people who work in those nursing facilities say theyre in a bad place Howard remarked So why does it happen
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Why is kitten nursing on the dog and why does the dog allow it

I had him on kitten formula plus water plus cat food but and he is nursing on my Maltese The dog has never had any puppies before so it cant be for milk Ive never had this happen with kittens and my Maltese so Im wondering why he would
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Post-Op Care Back at Home

The operation went swimmingly and she was cleared to return home the next day That was the good news The bad so we broke our rule about having animals in the house I fixed up a comfy bed for the kitty in our basement and brought her water and food
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