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Why Is Locally Grown Food Better for the Environment?

Local farmers, growers, artisans, purveyors, and restaurant-owners are needed to make locally grown foods work… or rather, sell. Since we, as …Read more

Eating locally and in season Is it really better for the environment

Humans have been moving food around is seasonal and locally grown When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions GHGs it might not make such a huge difference particularly for certain foods According the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
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Sustainable dining Hong Kong restaurants that source food locally cut waste recycle and compost

If the carbon footprint of your meal troubles you and with 90 per cent of Hong Kongs food imported why wouldn fresh and local And we always try to work with local people build better relationships its better for the environment
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Zero-waste stores arent always better for the environment

Measuring the impact of plastic-free shops is complex as issues such as plastics recycling food waste and transport confound the benefits And while ditching plastic is beneficial in many respects the overall environmental impact can be small compared
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More locally grown organic food in store after farm gets first-of-its-kind certification

SINGAPORE Singaporeans are set to see more locally grown organic products in at a ceremony attended by Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli NTUC Fairprice director of food quality and safety Ms Chong Nyet Chin said
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Not eating local heritage-breed pasture-raised foie gras from happy free-range geese Then youre failing as a foodie Heres why

Those who love to cook enjoy exotic food and know the hottest seeks out organic locally grown fruit and veg to fill her fridge You have an idea that it will be more fresh and better quality said Von Bulow examining a Gala apple
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Your View Want to save Lehigh Valley farmland Buy more locally grown food

An awesome community of first-generation local farmers and food producers in the Lehigh much of what local producers provide is grown without chemicals making it better for both your body and the environment These farmers are already producing
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