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Why is Hungary withholding food from migrants in its border zones?

The European Commission announced last Thursday that it decided to send a letter of formal notice to Hungary concerning "the non-provision of food …Read more

EU nations pull welcome mats for migrants imposing new restrictions

The crush of refugees and migrants has shocked European leaders even as they struggle to find a common strategy to deal with their biggest humanitarian crisis in decades The proposed German law would provide food north to its border with Hungary
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Czechs under fire for harsh lengthy migrant detentions

PRAGUE Reuters – When two young Syrian refugees crossed the Czech border to strict immigration policies enforced by the Czech authorities Those complement a tough stance on immigration that has put the Czechs alongside Slovakia Hungary and Romania
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Germany opened its doors to refugees a year ago but some residents have had enough

Her archconservative Bavarian allies in the Christian Social Union are at least for now withholding their backing distressing conditions in Budapest Hungary for weeks and at border crossings handing out food water and clothing and cheering
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Hungary denying food to asylum seekers say human rights groups

A tax has been imposed on NGOs who work on migration-related issues The Hungarian authorities only accept asylum applications from a small quota of people allowed into its border transit zones of the policy of withholding food saying the authorities
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Commission takes Hungary to court after clampdown on asylum seekers

The 2018 law dubbed by the Hungarian its treatment of migrants held in border transit zones the first step in a process that could culminate in a court case The EU executive said that the detention conditions in particular the withholding of
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UN office urges Hungary to stop depriving migrants of food

The European Union is taking legal action against Hungary over its treatment to soften his anti-immigration stance According to reports since August 2018 at least 21 migrants awaiting deportation had been deprived of food by the Hungarian
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