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Why did the Coffee King commit suicide?

Bengaluru: ‘In a dire situation, I feel we’ll somehow get out of it. As an entrepreneur, you just can’t afford to lose hope. Your body better be like a shock absorber …” These were the words of VG Siddhartha, founder-chairman of Cafe Coffee Day to a Indian …Read more

Why did the Coffee King commit suicide

People carry the body of coffee baron VG Siddhartha to an ambulance in Mangalore India Image Credit Reuters Bengaluru In a dire situation I feel well somehow get out of it As an
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Did VG Siddhartha jump off bridge to commit suicide What a fisherman saw

Finally after the 36 hours of intense search the body of Cafe Coffee Day CCD owner founder VG Siddhartha has been found RIP Siddhartha All Cafe Coffee Day CCD outlets to stay shut today as mark of respect for Indias Coffee King
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Cafe Coffee Day founders body found in river apparent suicide shocks business world

The death of 59-year-old Siddhartha who police say appears to have committed suicide by jumping into the river near Mangaluru on Monday left numb the business world as theories swirled over why the founder become Indias coffee king with his
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A lot did happen over coffee he didnt fail Ode to Coffee King VG Siddhartha

Certainly an entire generation of coffee lovers and millennials in India and possibly even globally would beg to differ even as the news of his alleged suicide sinks in Contrary to his last
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Grant Edwards Australias strongest man reveals horrors of being cop and fighting in Afghanistan

Fking suicide Why did to me How the fk can you put Lordy through the trauma of identifying you at the morgue You weak bastard I realised I couldnt do it dropped my speed pulled off the highway and parked outside a coffee shop
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CCD owner missing last seen near bridge

The mysterious disappearance of VG Siddhartha Hegde the owner-founder of the Caf Coffee he allegedly committed suicide He was last seen near a bridge on the Netravati River in Dakshina Kannada district on Monday night And that is why according
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