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Why Did Baidu Close Its Travel Platform?

Baidu (BIDU) shut down its travel information platform called “Baidu Travel.” The company shut down the travel platform as part of its business …Read more

CEO Tech Talk How Meero Reached Unicorn Status In 3 Years For Its Online Platform For Photographers

So far it was only B2B clients and only on the food and travel industries including UberEats but nobody with our vision or scale thats why we could raise so much money so quickly JBS How did you get the idea to start an online marketplace to
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Orlando travel market continues decades of record-breaking success

In 1984 it may have seemed like things for Orlando couldnt get better when it comes to the travel industry but it did Central Florida The deal which closed earlier this year brings Disney a huge platform of films TV shows and infrastructure
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Instagram head says theyre rethinking the whole experience of the platform

Instagram is experimenting with ways to fight online bullying and considering one potentially massive change for the platform Hiding likes head Adam Mosseri on Zuckerberg and why hes open to regulation Did that give you pause knowing how some
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Elizabeth Warren Aced the First Democratic Debate

Elizabeth Warren was unswervingly true to Elizabeth Warren which is precisely why she has caught fire and opening lingered nonetheless and she closed flawlessly Only a few candidates besides her probably did themselves real harm or good
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POLITICO Playbook PM Trump puts new sanctions on Iran

MORE ON IRAN — THE PRESIDENT TWEETS at 808 am China gets 91 of its Oil from the Straight Japan 62 many other countries likewise So why are we Pompeo will travel to neighboring United Arab Emirates another close US ally
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Why is it so difficult to get travel insurance with a cancer diagnosis

Last week we devoted the full Pricewatch page to the issue of travel insurance Over the course of more than 2000 words we thought we had all the bases covered There was one base we didnt even get close its travel insurance claim restrictions did
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