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Why data instinct and culture will enable the digital enterprise of the future

This is why businesses must work towards fostering a culture that embraces these technologies and creates a data instinct among all staff so as to …Read more

Why Digital Twins are Central to Digital Transformation

Fundamentally for the enterprises digital transformation is as much of a culture and peoples the needs of the digital customers Data is critical to understand the past know the present and predict the future Effective data management forms
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Cloud Data Management – The four key components

This may partly explain why only 25 of business leaders reported total confidence in their capability to meet their digital implementing a data-driven culture which maximizes the value of the data available to the business will enable the next
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Digital Counties 2019 Winners Push Shared Citizen Services

is no stranger to taking high honors in the Digital future in King County though there is plentiful evidence that progress is already underway An integrated data system to track homelessness has led to a better understanding of who is homeless why
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Customer Service The Future Belongs to Caring Bots

The customer service challenge is to build a bot with an identity that reflects an organizations brand culture enterprise for instance Skype Slack Teams Then you need to design and train natural language processing NLP models This will
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From Analytics First to AI First at Capital One

Around 2011 Alexander said the banks executives sought to redefine the bank for the future The cost of key technologies had declined precipitously The digital channels to which customers were migrating produced substantially more data and the
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Why Proactive Data Compliance Is Imperative for Secure Digital Transformation

Share Why Proactive Data Compliance Is Imperative for Secure Digital Transformation on Twitter Share Why comply with security regulations that are evolving and an agile enterprise culture that actively responds to new insights
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