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Who Keanu Reeves Should REALLY Play in the MCU

Right now, Keanu Reeves is probably the most popular celebrity online. From his lovable charm to his awesome movie roles, people just can't seem to get enough of Keanu! It is safe to say that Reeves has had a pretty good year. He has already starred in …Read more

What MCU Role Should Keanu Reeves Play The Russo Brothers Consider

Certainly of all the people who could play Moon Knight before the actor joins the MCU If hes interested and the studio wants him its just a question of details Of course if theres a role Keanu Reeves wants he should probably just tell Marvel
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Every Marvel Fan Has an Opinion on Who Keanu Reeves Should Play in the MCU

Have you subscribed to ComicBook Nation the official Podcast of ComicBookcom yet Check it out by clicking here or listen below The crew is back from Comic-Con and were diving deep into all the big announcements from the weekend Everything from the
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Who could Keanu Reeves play in The MCU

Plus playing a being with infinite powers should come easy to Reeves having already been The One in The Matrix films The last Fantastic 4 didnt work out but could Keanu Reeves make Reed Richards a vital part of The MCU Picture Fox
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Avengers Endgame Directors Talk About Potential MCU Roles For Keanu Reeves

Which hero should Reeves be Keanu Reeves into the MCU for years now Recently writerdirector Kevin Smith spoke to Avengers Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo for IMDb and he asked the duo who they would like to see Reeves play
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Dreamcasting the FANTASTIC FOUR Movie

Though itll be a while until this project comes to life weve got some ideas about just who should Keanu Reeves but she could bring a much-needed complexity to Sue and her journey If
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Marvels Avengers Cast but If They Were All 80s Heartthrobs

Basically the immortal Keanu Reeves should always have been Stephen Now to the best character in maybe the entire MCU John Cusack as Rocket Raccoon Sure Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon isnt really recognizable unless you know who it is but
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