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Who is John Ratcliffe, Trump's pick to take over as Director of National Intelligence?

Outside his positions on the House Intelligence Committee, Ratcliffe has served no official roles in the intelligence world in his life before Congress. It's a resume gap, or at least a perceived resume gap, that Democrats are seizing on after Mr. Trump's Sunday …Read more

Who is John Ratcliffe Trumps pick to take over as Director of National Intelligence

President Trump has tapped Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe to take over one of the countrys top jobs in the intelligence community the director of national intelligence The staunch Trump advocate has served in the House since 2015 Ratcliffe is
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How Trumps new intelligence chief pick John Ratcliffe attacked Mueller

President Trumps pick to lead national for the intelligence community particularly the members of it who have been investigating Trump over the past two years And nowhere was that more evident than during the turn of Rep John Ratcliffe
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Questions already emerging about qualifications of Trumps pick for national intelligence director

President Donald Trumps pick for national intelligence director has been mayor of a small Texas city North Koreas nuclear ambitions and the risk of war with Iran Rep John Ratcliffe is also known as a Trump loyalist which makes his lack of relevant
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Dan Coats to resign as director of national intelligence Trump selects Rep John Ratcliffe as replacement

John Ratcliffe lawmakers to Ratcliffes selection appeared positive across the board House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member Mike Rogers R-Ala called Ratcliffe an excellent pick to be director of national intelligence
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Coats Finally Out Trump Picks Rep Ratcliffe to Be New DNI

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe TX-R a Trump loyalist who has repeatedly sought to discredit to Russia investigation and special counsel Robert Mueller to take Coats
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Trumps Choice of a Partisan for Top Intelligence Post Rattles Critics

WASHINGTON For what is supposed to be perhaps the most nonpartisan job in Washington the director of national intelligence In addition to the reservations over Mr Ratcliffes partisanship some former intelligence officials have said
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