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Whither Evangelical Purity Culture? Thoughts on the Legacy of a Lost Pastor

He apologized to the LGBT community for not affirming gay marriage and for the ways that his writing and speaking “contributed to a culture of …Read more

Whither Evangelical Purity Culture Thoughts on the Legacy of a Lost Pastor

Pixabay Repenting of his past legalism Joshua Harris is leaving the faith to which he did unintentional but great harm If you dont live in Evangelical-world you probably missed this news An influential Evangelical author and pastor named Joshua
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The Gracelessness Of Woke Evangelicals

Progressive Evangelical crusader Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove takes to the pages of the Washington Post to trash them for it Heres the key excerpt from the piece But when those voices questioned the legacy of slavery and racism at the seminary
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16 Titles To Check Out As September Comes to a Close

Or Noelle who lost Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free by Linda Kay Klein From a woman who has been there and back the first inside look at the devastating effects evangelical Christianitys purity
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We Shall Not Be Moved A New Opera Traces The Legacy Of The 1985 MOVE Bombing

The opera presented by Opera Philadelphia with the Apollo Theater had its world premiere Sept 16 It revisits the house at the center of the We Shall Not Be Moved is a new opera that takes its name from both the old spiritual-turned-civil-rights
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Memoirist Evangelical Purity Movement Sees Womens Bodies As A Threat

When Linda Kay Klein was 13 she joined an evangelical culture men and boys are talked about as being sexually weak and women and girls are supposed to be the holders of all sexual purity So ultimately women and girls are responsible for the sexual
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Joshua Harris and the sexual prosperity gospel

Evangelical leaders have roundly condemned the prosperity This is my term for a core teaching of the purity culture that erupted in the 1990s telling young evangelicals that True Love Waits It holds that God will reward premarital chastity with
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