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Which role does traveling plays in our daily life?

Everybody says that it is so imperative to travel. So, what's this about? The advantages of traveling are not only a one-time thing: it transforms you …Read more


A Smith Family Vacation

A day in the life of Neymar Jr

10 Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

Smartphones revolutionize our livesbut at what cost

For a brief while it felt like we were traveling together For that moment of connection and many others like it my phone deserves my gratitude But the same device has become a source of relentless distraction in my life intruding upon my attention
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The World Bank Groups CIO On The Role Technology Will Play In Ending Extreme Poverty

Denis Robitaille does not consider himself a technologist Denis Robitaille Technology is part of our daily life and I think we are at the beginning of a big transformation in IT The role of emerging technologies for development is important
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Mansfields Role in the Innovation Economy

I had the privilege of being able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Mansfield BIO-Incubator this morning and hear from scientists politicians and business leaders about the role Mansfield can play in the growth of the life sciences industry
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Rachel Lee Hovnanian Stages First Solo Museum Exhibit in Italy

SERAVEZZA Italy Technologys overpowering reach into our daily lives and equal opportunities technology was keeping her even busier in a life that was filled with people and things
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The Role of Spirituality in Economics

Abdul-Bah Every individual has a role to play using honesty integrity and fairness as a yardstick as does our lives to become better human beings and to implement them in our economic dealings Small changes in our attitude will change our
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Alex Fong Photonics plays a growing role in computing medicine

CFB What is the science of photonics and how does it connect with our daily lives Basically where photonics will definitely play a big role and personalized medicine which will use photonics and bio-imaging to look at a persons genetics and
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