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Which form of sitting is worse for heart health?

News Desk |. Sitting on the couch, watching TV could increase heart risk more than sitting at a desk doing office work. We already know that a sedentary lifestyle, in which a person sits down for long periods every day and gets little exercise, is bad for health in …Read more

The benefits of good posture – Murat Dalkilinç

Put Salt in the Corners of Your House, and See What Happens

What If You Stayed in the Swimming Pool for 2 Weeks?

What happens during a heart attack? – Krishna Sudhir

Sitting at home or at work Which is worse for heart health

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Sitting in Front of TV for Long Hours is Bad for Your Heart Heres Why

Sitting and watching TV for hours can increase the risk of heart disease and early death In a previous study Diaz found that excessive sitting is linked to worse health outcomes and even more so when sitting occurs in lengthy uninterrupted bouts
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Sitting Is Bad for Your Health But Not All Types of Sitting Were Created Equal

But a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has some encouraging findings for the desk-bound Sitting at work it says may not be as bad for your heart lifestyle and health-history information The researchers monitored
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Sitting in Front of the TV May Be Worse for Your Heart Than Sitting at a Desk

9 New Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy Exactly why sitting in front of the TV would be worse than sitting at work isnt clear examine why watching TV seems to be a particularly harmful form of sitting and whether eating a large meal beforehand
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Sitting at work all day may be better for your heart than binge watching TV

Columbia University Researchers found that not all forms of sitting are equal when it comes to heart health risk Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and early death However up until this point
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Leisure-time sitting but not sitting at work linked with greater risk of heart disease

No increased risk of heart attack stroke or death was seen in people who watched TV for 4 or more hours a day and engaged in 150 minutes or more of exercise a week In a previous study Diaz found that excessive sitting is linked to worse health outcomes
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