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When is Glastonbury 2020? How to register for tickets to the festival

No other information has been given on Glastonbury 2020 yet but this year's festival cost £248 plus £5 booking fee per ticket for full weekend tickets which includes: Entry to the Festival, with over 3,000 performances across more than 100 stages; Five nights …Read more

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State the ground, Glastonbury 19

preparing for a festival

Jeanne Band: the road to Glastonbury isn't easy – Ep. 2

When is Glastonbury 2020 How to register for tickets to the festival

Its been another epic Glastonbury Festival – and its not even finished After spending the whole weekend experiencing FOMO fear of missing out it may be wise to get ahead and start planning for next years event Next years Glastonbury will take
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Glastonbury 2020 registration how to register for tickets to next years Worthy Farm festival

With 2020 being Glastonburys 50th anniversary its bound to be a particularly special year to attend the festival This also unfortunately means that the tickets for next years festival
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When are Glastonbury 2020 tickets out Latest on festival and ticket release dates and how registration works

Heres everything you need to know about getting your hands on those coveted tickets for the big event at Worthy Farm The Pyramid stage at Glastonbury is one of the many stages the acts perform on
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Glastonbury Festival 2020 tickets How to get tickets and why you need to register

It may have been mere minutes since the curtain came down on this years Glastonbury Festival But for those suffering the post-festival blues or who missed out on tickets for the Worthy Farm extravaganza this year the priority should quickly turn to
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Glastonbury tickets How to get register for next years festival

Are you feeling serious FOMO over missing this years Glastonbury Festival Well theres always next time Although tickets for the 2020 edition wont go t hurt to be one step ahead Fans can register now to ensure they can get access
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Glastonbury 2020 Tickets dates registration and line-up for the UKs biggest festival next year

Glastonbury may have only just begun but many who missed out this year will be keen not to again in 2020 Glastonbury tickets are quite literally something of a lottery which makes getting one all the more coveted While picking up a ticket is never
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