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When Art, Culture, and History are at Stake, Rapid Restoration is an Essential Document …

Political activist, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator Marcus Garvey once stated, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin …Read more

How high-resolution photography is changing the way we look at art

And paintings once lost in the dusty corners of museums have been brought into the public domain via digital resources such as Art UK and Google Arts Culture of art history in universities suggests change that is not only rapid but total
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Discover the latest interior design trends at Marina Home

The interior design industry in Saudi Arabia has flourished in the last few years The influence of international culture and tourism has renewed the interest and desire to acquire everything that is artistic and beautiful At the core of the furniture
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Rare South Sound prairie at center of economic battle Will industry or nature win

Other benefits according to the document would include property tax revenue to benefit which will double the size of the State Wildlife Area and allow restoration of unique mounded prairie and oak woodland habitats and recovery of several threatened
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Why are Britains conservation groups so lacking in ambition

First at the launch of Rewilding Europes Wildlife Comeback report three weeks ago I heard about the remarkably rapid spread of large wild animals In many parts there has been a great restoration of habitats partly accidental as farmers have
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Heirloom Software the Past as Adventure

But just as important cultures understand themselves through their history and their strongly influenced the folk culture of computer hackers that would later evolve into todays Open Source movement For a work of art that was the first of its
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Saudi Arabias crown prince orders restoration and renovation of 130 historical mosques

JEDDAH Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ordered the restoration social and cultural richness they represent The crown princes support is considered the most generous in the Kingdoms history given the number of mosques
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