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WhatsApp could finally fix its biggest flaw – But it might not be all good news for fans

WHATSAPP could finally fix arguably its biggest flaw but it might not be all good news for fans of the popular chatting client. By Joseph Carey Joseph Carey. PUBLISHED: 06:30, Wed, Jul 31, 2019. WhatsApp update. WhatsApp is the most popular third-party …Read more

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WhatsApp could finally fix its biggest flaw – But it might not be all good news for fans

WhatsApp is the most popular third-party chatting programme in the world – the service bests rivals such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat in terms of monthly users according to data from Statista The platform is available on Android and iOS as an app and
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2019 NFL mock draft The best defensive draft in years is almost here

He could finally a 5-tool player Mike Trout is widely considered the best player in baseball and can seemingly do it all on the diamond His biggest relative flaw used to be his throwing arm Not any more Bring Carmelo Anthony back and 4 other ways
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How Apples Mac OS X Snow Leopard became synonymous with reliability

Following the news bugs might not be as marketable as shiny new Animoji or a fresh design but maintenance can only be deferred so long If Apple can knock stability out of the park in 2018 maybe the legend of Snow Leopard can finally be put
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EastEnders spoilers Cast changes revealed who is leaving and who is returning

Here are all of the cast God moment for fans so we suspect a twist in store How might she go With Jenna Russell announcing her decision to leave Sharon is going to be without a best friend so could Michelle finally fix her broken marriage
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WhatsApp could be about to fix a massive annoyance for millions of users

Before WhatsApp releases new upgrades to all users it typically releases they accept an invitation One of the biggest annoyances of the software is surely when fans are added to group chats they do not want to be a part of WABetaInfo an outlet
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When good copper cable goes bad

Recently I had a tech swap me onto what was supposedly the last good not a small job as the cable is direct buried along with some fossilised early 20th century lead piping Ive been told they will need to dig up the footpath bore all the way
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