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What's Up In The Real Estate Market…

Property values up in Palm Beach County. Property values in Palm Beach County have increased again, according to the Palm Beach County …Read more

How To Get A Good ROI In Real Estate

Zillow's $1.6 Billion Dollar Mistake: What NOT To Do

What is the future of Australia's housing market? (Part 1) | 7.30

[Foreign Correspondents] Ep.106 – South Korea's real estate market _ Full Episode

Residential Real Estate Market Cools In The Eurozone

In France real estate 96 YoY pace up from 81 in 4Q18 Given the high percentage of purchases funded via mortgages credit availability remains a key determinant of market developments
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Whats up with the real estate market

We are not listing new homes fast enough to keep up with the demand Those of you that follow the market and may even be involved in it as I am will agree that the above numbers are game changers in the local real estate market Changes for buyers
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A Guide to Real Estate in the Worlds Most Expensive Market

The unpredictable twists of Brexit have created a wave of interest from wealthy British families worried about potential upheaval in the UK including in the real estate market Some have already made up their minds Monaco is home to high-profile Brits
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How mutual funds of real estate will prop up property market in India

Asia saw the emergence of Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs as a collective investment vehicle for uncorking the market potential of real estate at the start of the 21st century From there it has taken India almost two decades to list its first REIT
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The Stock Markets Behavior And Commercial Real Estates Immediate Future Are Both Up In The Air

which in the short run will generally help all asset classes of real estate The Federal Reserves frequent hikes of its benchmark interest rate in 2018 drove up the cost of borrowing off the strength of the economy While the stock market is less of
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Hot Deals on the Summer Real Estate Market

The weather is heating up and so is the local real estate market With interest rates staying relatively low and housing inventory relatively high now may be the best time to buy Local mortgage lender and broker Andy Elder stopped by the Fox2 News
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