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What Would Make A Great Gears Of War Movie?

Gears of War is getting a movie adaptation, which is kind of an odd choice. The games aren’t really known for their strong narratives, as they mostly boiled down to stories about big meaty men blowing things up, and then fist-bumping each other. However, the …Read more

Could Terry Crews and Dave Bautista Be Making a Gears of War Movie

httpstco8THxKLkbdV Dave Bautista DaveBautista July 23 2019 When somebody else suggested that Bautista and Crews Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Expendables would make a great team on a Gears of War movie Crews said he liked the idea very much
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Dave Bautista Sounds Frustrated About A Gears Of War Movie Ive Tried Everything

Hollywood has been working on turning video games into successful movies for years and has met with limited success One of the projects that has been rumored has been a film based on the popular Gears of War series now who would make a better Marcus
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Dave Bautista has tried everything to make Gears of War movie happen and Terry Crews wants in

Gears of War fans have into a Hollywood movie since its release in 2006 And it turns out Guardians Of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista has tried everything to make the film happen
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Dave Bautista Says He Has Tried Everything to Star in the Gears of War Movie

Even though he has vouched hard to star in the Gears good thing since you know video game movies are usually bad anyway Theyre listening And they could give AF but thank you for the support Believe me when I say Ive tried everything
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Dave Bautista Says Hes Tried Everything To Get Cast In Gears Of War Movie

For a long time now Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has made it known that he wants to play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming Gears of War movie The actor has now commented on how that campaign is going its not looking good Bautista said on
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Terry Crews Is Down For Playing Cole Train In Gears of War Movie

Despite this we still see filmmakers work on video game franchise movie releases and the latest upcoming film to spark some interest online is Gears of War In a recent report regarding Dave
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