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What to know about mixing wet and dry pet food

One thing that is discussed quite often is the idea of mixing dry and wet pet food together. We want to make sure that our dogs are enjoying their meals …Read more

Creating Your Cats Purrfect Pad Wellness Natural Pet Food Teams Up with Cat Condo Artists to Give Away Dream Digs for Fluffy

Wellness Natural Pet Food maker of dry recipes wet recipes snacks and treats for cats Brand Director at Wellness We know how hard it can be to ensure that our cats are happy and active especially when it comes to everyday play and mealtime
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How to Choose the Best Dog Food

Wading through these choices to find a dog food brand that is healthy affordable and appealing to your pet is often frustrating Weve compiled expert advice to help you narrow down your options Most people feed their dogs dry kibble or wet canned food
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17 Best Grain Free Dry Dog Food Compare Save

Dog lovers everywhere know the struggle of trying to find here are our picks for the best grain free dry dog food This food is one of my favorites to feed my dogs including my shar pei mix who is allergic to potatoes Its grain free potato
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How to choose the right food for your dog

Flickr Georgie Pauwels edited by ABC Life CC BY 20 Choosing the right food for your pooch can be difficult confusing and expensive Is dry food better than a wet food fortune Did you know you can save money by buying your dogs medication
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The Wet Cat Food Vs Dry Cat Food Debate

Get together a group of cat parents and everyone will have a different opinion when it comes to wet cat water Pet water fountains work well in enticing cats to drink and their filters ensure a fresh clean water supply Dry cat food and cat
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Cat food should you spend more on posh brands

One in 20 of us buy the cheapest on offer and 64 of cat owners have no idea what they should be looking for in the ingredients according to a study from premium pet need a mix of dry and wet There are some out there that will need wet food but
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