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What is the False Black Widow Spider, what should I do if I'm bitten by it and is it dangerous?

IN RECENT weeks, two Waterford women have been treated for severe bites from Noble False Widow spiders – with one spending six days in hospital. This deadly pest, which is understood to be the size of a €2 coin comes from the Canary Islands and looks …Read more

What is the False Black Widow Spider what should I do if Im bitten by it and is it dangerous

Dr Dugon has advised those who do get bitten to monitor the bite According to Dr Dugon while a bite by the False Widow Spider can be quite painful they are not actually dangerous – in comparison to its Black Widow counterpart A bite from a False
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What is a false widow spider and should you be scared

Were all aware that spiders can be dangerous and the most notorious thats been sighted this summer black widows are found primarily in hot countries and it goes by a similar name – false widow spider – partly because its globular shaped
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Can a false widow spider kill you Eight things you need to know about the arachnid

We examine whether the false widow is an arachnid menace or a misunderstood visitor 1 What is a false widow spider False widow generally refers to one of 120 species of spider that resemble a genus to which the notorious black should I do if bitten
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What is the truth about Steatoda nobilis A guide to Britains most dangerous biting spider

The false widow is the most dangerous of the 12 species of biting there are no records of spider bites being the trigger WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I GET BITTEN If there is severe swelling or ulceration or you have an allergic reaction from a suspected
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Killer spiders on the loose – or not A guide to the really quite harmless false widow

How dangerous is the bite of a false widow spider Firstly the bad news about the Black Widow spider but usually without long-lasting effects What should I do if I get bitten Dont call 999 for a start Tony Wileman a conservation ecologist
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How dangerous are false widow spiders

What does a false widow look like False widows Steatoda sp are sometimes confused for black Should you fear a false widow There are over 650 species of spider known to live in the UK Only 12 of these are recorded as species that have bitten
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