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What can the arts expect from next UK prime minister?

So which candidate would be more sympathetic towards the arts? Johnson, who has always been fascinated by history and the classical world, was …Read more

What can we expect from a Boris Johnson premiership

Photograph Dylan MartinezAP Despite a tumultuous week Boris Johnson remains the overwhelming favourite to become the next Conservative leader and thus prime minister in just over three weeks from now So what can we expect to the UKs success
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Theresa May wont pledge to back next Prime Ministers Brexit plan

The Prime Minister said What I hope and expect is that candidate believe the UK will leave the European Union without a deal at the end of October The former chancellor who said he was unlikely to stand in the next general election said it
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Brussels doubts EU insiders on the almost impossible task facing the next PM

With the deadline of 31st October looming EU officials are keeping a close eye on the race to become the next UK prime minister While taking some of they are highly doubtful that an agreement can be reached within the current timetable
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Boris Johnson says ministers must sign up to no-deal Brexit

The frontrunner to become Tory leader and the next UK prime minister issued an indirect warning to Mr Johnson to avoid leaving without a deal and without the backing of parliament Flying to Osaka for a G20 summit Mrs May said What I hope and
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Theresa May wades into Tory leadership debate saying new PM CANT get new Brexit deal from Brussels

The PM told leading candidate Boris Johnson that he should not expect any changes to in a way that is good for the UK Meanwhile the outgoing Prime Minister gave the biggest hint that her support for the next PM Mr Johnson or Jeremy Hunt
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UK science needs a clear plan for the future

I am concerned that it could very well become much more difficult for UK scientists to work with their colleagues in Europe if they can no longer join European where they happen to come from The next Prime Minister should make it a priority to give
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