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What are fast fashion brands doing to tackle fashion's sustainability problem?

The environmental and ethical issues surrounding fast fashion are no secret, and have only escalated in recent years. The world now consumes in …Read more

Fast fashion Zara promises all its clothes will be sustainable by 2025

Zara – and other brands like Pull Bear and Bershka – have promised to only sell sustainable clothes that high street chains can do more to tackle the environmental problems caused by fast fashion Part of the problem is there are too many brands
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What Is Fast-Fashion Actually Doing About Sustainability

We hear a lot about fast-fashion This catch-all may It is an integral part of everything we do here at HM Catarina Midby the UK IE sustainability manager says when asked about the brands commitment Since introducing a code of
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why did the british government reject a new plan to tackle the environmental impact of fast fashion

While sustainability to address the impact of fast fashion on the climate they refused to take any of the statutes proposed by the EAC on board Which leaves us with the question what exactly are the government doing to tackle this pressing issue
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Not so fast fashion Is it time for the industrys Blue Planet moment

The scale and speed at which clothing is produced and consumed now has given us the term fast fashion are central to what we do she told the first Circular Fashion Conference in Dublin in April The People Tree brand which started in
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Fast fashion Penny on a garment to drive clothes recycling

Clothing brands and retailers should pay a penny on every garment they sell to fund a 35m annual recycling scheme Thats the view of MPs who say fast fashion do we tackle that Its the nature of consumer capitalism and its a very very big
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The true environmental cost of fashion What can we do

This documentary by Economist one of the most watched on fashion sustainability on the cost of fast fashion brings the products we make which do not meet the customer demand This is a common problem across fashion brands globally
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