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Western civilization as we know it wouldn't exist without Islamic culture

Even so, Australia and the West still struggle to acknowledge the contributions of Islamic cultures (whether Arabic speaking, Persian, Ottoman, …Read more

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Western civilization as we know it wouldnt exist without Islamic culture

He argued civilization is a continuing conversation and exchange rather than a uniquely Western phenomenon of the intellectual legacy of Islamic culture preserved in the libraries of Toledo
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How to counter anti-Muslim smears Were part of the same civilization

Such hyperbole fundamentally distorts the ways in which Muslims have always been a part often an integral part of Western societies nations and cultures Civilization as we know it would not exist without Muslim contributions From the theology of
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There is no such thing as western civilisation

For Arnold culture was the pursuit of our total perfection by means of getting to know on all the Of course we often also talk today of the western world to contrast it not with the south but with the Muslim world And Muslim thinkers sometimes
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History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the US Government

Given the long history of Muslim Brotherhood activity in this country its declared objective to destroy the Western civilization from within and They joined together in 1928 determined as we know from their statements and writing to rectify
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A Disturbing Double Standard

White House spokesman Jay Carney added We are very concerned threat to the survival of Western civilization as we know it then those released on the streets of Afghanistan Any one of them whether they be from a Sunni Islamic group such as Al
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Veiled Muslim Women and Boozing Western Intellectuals

We dont insult others to the face But do we really know each other some basics on which the Western culture is constructed But how much the West knows about Islam about its ideals its code of justice its culture and arts its taboos and
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