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Wentworth season finale explained!

No-one could have predicted the shocks and bombshells of Wentworth's seventh season. From Liz's emotional passing to Brody's hostage hell and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson's fantastic return, we're still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor. With so much …Read more

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Wentworth season finale explained

Jo we need to know was it always your intention to have The Freak re-appear at some point You might have noticed we never had DNA confirmation that it was actually her in the box and if anyone could pull this off well it would be Joan I cant wait
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Spoiler alert secrets from Wentworths freaky finale

If you havent watched the season final of Wentworth yet avoid this story completely Like right now Bookmark us and return If you have seen it and have major questions we have major answers Prisoners and prison staff plus some pesky blood
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Prison Break Creator Discusses Bloody Finale Potential Season 6

Warning This story contains spoilers for the season finale of Foxs Prison Break revival Michaels home but I dont know if hes at peace Wentworth Miller told The Hollywood Reporter about the season finale Hes been living a nightmare
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Survivor Edge of Extinction Finale Who Won Season 38

Chris also revealed to Lauren that Wentworth told him she had an idol and that Wentworth most of the tribal even admitted they were still undecided Chris also explained that in three days he convinced Lauren to play her idol won immunity and gave
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Wentworths biggest shocks revealed

If you watched Tuesday nights Wentworth finale in our opinion Immediately suspicious of who the unfamiliar guards are she orders Brody to explain what is going on and to prove their identities In the confusion Vera takes the opportunity
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Watch Wentworth Season 7 Episode 5 s07e5 Online HD Free

Watch Wentworth Season 7 Episode 5 s07e5 Jo Porter The seventh season picks up a few months after the events of last seasons finale the presumed closure of the case of Joan Ferguson and the subsequent arrest of former acting Governor Derek
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