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Wellbeing benefits when we participate in the arts

Those of us in the arts sector – particularly the community arts sector – are constantly learning about arts projects and programmes that improve and …Read more

What is the most important influence on child development | Tom Weisner | TEDxUCLA

More than Just Art: Health and Wellness Benefits of Creativity

Health, Fitness and Happiness & rules to give you all 3: Tony Horton at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

432 Hz – Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul – DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

Wellbeing benefits when we participate in the arts

Mental health touches everyone families and communities across all regions of the country Staying well in a world that can be confronting and confusing is of vital importance to the overall health of Aotearoa and everyone who lives here writes Richard
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State-Of-The-Art Kentucky Institute Takes Jockey Well-Being To New Level

jockeys have not enjoyed the benefit of the advances in sports science that you know professional sport franchises are able to provide their athletes to understand and advance performance We would be crazy not to take a few hours and participate
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Protest art rallying cry or elegy for the black-throated finch

The Black Finch Project was launched by Melbourne artist Charlotte Watson who proposed that we art commissioned by churches was introduced for three reasons First for the benefit of
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Finding the heart behind ART Incs first summer camp at Greeley School

The walls are filled with Jonathon Romains artwork an inspiration to the 35 children participating in the first summer camp held by ART Inc paths can still benefit from the creative environment the Romains are building We will also be teaching
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Health and well being

Things like art classes tai chi yoga and music helps veterans express themselves in nontraditional ways but still be able to get the benefits said John Miller VCBs Health Behavior Coordinator So in whole health we look for different ways
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20 Art Dealers on Their First Jobs in the Art World

My first paid position was at Christies East in the prints and multiples department 32000 full benefits introduced us to the art world Our offices turned by accident into a gallery space Soon we were participating at Art Basel in Basel
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