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Weekly review: Weak economic indicators drive market down

KARACHI: The stock market continued to be in doldrums for another week as concerns over disappointing economic indicators mounted further. During the week, issues relating to the impasse over passage of federal budget in the National Assembly and …Read more

Bi-Weekly Economic Review Oil Interest Rates And Economic Growth

While a strong and stable dollar would be great for the global economy long term there are short-term costs to a rising dollar environment One consequence is the fall in emerging market down 04 – the second straight decline Spending has been weak
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Appetite for value stocks to drive equities market this week

According to them the macro-economic indicators still remain positive In the same vein Meristem Securities in its weekly review of the market said that though the market was largely down-beat across almost all the sectors last week but the banking
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Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary Labor Market Slowing but Still Strong

An increasingly tight labor market The economy experienced up-and-down growth in 2018 while inflation has remained well below the central banks target That sluggish momentum has carried into 2019 with activity indicators suggesting economic
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Gold market stretches gains to 8th session after weak jobs growth

The Fed will want to see more data with the labor market being a lagging indicator drive the recent deceleration in the economy Against that backdrop the dollar as gauged by the ICE US Dollar Index DXY -005 was down 05 at 96540 for a
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Daily State Of The MarketsThe Driving Force Behind The Current Action

There are times when the news andor external events drive prices to and fro Other times the central bankers are the focus Sometimes its the economy Now lets turn to the weekly review of my favorite indicators and market models
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The Week Ahead Should China Drive Your Portfolio

The government shutdown in early October caused many others to sell in a panic just before the market bottomed It has consistently been my view that any news-related event or economic weekly close in yields below this level will suggest a drop down
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