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We’re all listening: the rise of UAE Podcast culture

Hebah Fisher creator of Kerning Cultures, a podcast that shares stories of culture, history and current affairs, says: “They can leverage themselves as industry experts, whilst building an audience of fans and gaining further exposure.
They are also finding new ways to monetise podcasts through affiliate marketing and sponsors and advertising which brings in a new stream of revenue.On the production side, podcasting is becoming far easier.It used to require a sound-proof studio, expensive microphones, and a mixer for recording. Now all you need is a good concept or idea, your commitment, and a few bits of equipment.
Rushdi, for example, kicked off his podcast after realising the need to represent the home-grown talent in the region and give them a platform to speak. He says “we wanted to showcase the people, characters, skills and everything that exists within this region itself which seemed to be overshadowed by internationally produced podcasts.”

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