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We Considered Ourselves to be a Powerful Culture

We Considered Ourselves to be a Powerful Culture. A message to an unknown reader… by Aisling McCrea. I want you to picture the following …Read more

Cheat Days Are Everything Thats Wrong with Diet Culture

We tend to blame that failure on ourselves the framework of diet culture The growing body positivity movement however remains a mostly grassroots effort with a wide variety of beliefs and voices going up against a powerful belief internalized
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Incentives for a strong leadership culture

One of the most constructive yet underleveraged means by which boards can help management particularly the CEO and chief human resources officer engineer a desired culture is to focus on the most powerful Then we asked ourselves How
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What Are The 7 Spirits Of God According To Numerology The Bible Scriptures

we do so on a numbered scale Even the universe that houses us uses numbers to express energy The number 7 is powerful It is known as the number of the spirit If you find yourself drawn to the number 7 quite often you are considered to be a very wise
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No One Decides to Run for President Impulsively Marianne Williamson Explains Her Magical Thinking

Pop culture today is emerging from voices telling us which and which are not to be considered fringe voices and we dont have the critical thought processes to think through that for ourselves were in trouble You are if elected president
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5 Ways to Find Joy in Moving Your Body for Every Body

In our InstagramCrossFitbefore-and-after culture exercise is a thing we push ourselves to do to earn treats ways there are to move that arent punishing Movement thats powerful just because it feels good I have a minitrampoline in
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How Do We Teach To Kill a Mockingbird and Honestly Confront Racism

Too many White teachers including me fail to make Mockingbird resonate because we ignore the ways in which discussions about racial justice have changed since we ourselves Flynt is considered a scholar of Southern history and culture particularly
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