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Waunakee man gets prison time for Madison real estate scam

According to a U.S. Department of Justice press release, 64-year-old Patrick O'Connor was working as a real estate developer and licensed real …Read more

Explosive end to Seeno mortgage fraud case as executive gets prison in teary sentencing

Former Seeno executive Albert Jr Albert III directed mortgage fraud Mystery revealed Why East Bay real estate developer was arrested Homebuilder Albert Seeno III ordered to pay 11 million for builder bailout scam East Bay Seeno family slammed
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Virginia Beach man spent 27 years in prison for rape Now his accuser says he is innocent

25 of this year he was released from prison But it wasnt as an innocent man Hed been studied real estate wrote two books and numerous songs I tried to stay positive he said I tried to spend my time bettering myself and others
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New York Republicans Before You Vote Today Read This

The five spent between six and 13 years in prison before they were exonerated and released Brendan McDermidreuters Ive been studying the history of American conservatism full time since 1997 in which real estate was everywhere and always a
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The Daily 202 The Democratic convention in Philadelphia could be messy too

Why Hillary is the front-runner in New York — But even if Hillary gets the nomination the governor took time from his 30th wedding anniversary vacation in Florida to help Trump with debate prep at the real estate moguls Mar-A-Lago resort
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Partying All the Way to Jail

On January 31 2006 at the opening of his pricey luxury goods store Parker on Madison Avenue Andrew Parker worked the daughter of rich and well-connected real-estate mogul Larry Wohl and his wife Denise These women would come in and they
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The Post-Millennial Generation Is Here

Madison Utendahl the companys full-time scam which was too procedural for my tastes but Coxs own trajectory He described himself as an infamous con man writing his fellow inmates true crime stories while immersed in federal prison
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