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Watch: Austrian men do battle in martial arts contest atop mountain

Watch: Austrian men do battle in martial arts contest atop mountain … the Hundstein mountain to take part in a martial arts contest in a natural arena.Read more

Hilarious moment men in China face each other in worst street fight of all time

A funny clip has emerged of the moment two men square off against each other in what has been called the worst kung fu street fight of all time The footage believed to have been filmed in China has already been viewed thousands of times on social media
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Workout fads from the 80s 90s still popular in Northwest Indiana

Consider these ghosts of fitness past Even if Billy Blanks high-energy martial arts-inspired fitness videos aren Tae Bo was a fun workout that was inexpensive easy to do from home and good for men and women of all ages
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Lesnar to Jones Careful what you wish for young man

Lesnar is an extraordinary pay-per-view draw as likely the most popular fighter in mixed martial arts while Jones victory over Cormier is expected to put him back atop most pound-for gym in New Mexico are eager to watch him
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Kickboxer Sato earns upset victory at K-1 World Max

First up in the elimination bouts was a contest between Japanese kickboxer Yasuhiro of Lithuania in another Superfight Both these fellows do a fair bit of mixed martial arts fighting but tonight was a test of their striking abilities
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Broken Sword Hero Blu-ray – Exclusive Giveaway

NOTE THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO THOSE WITH US Broken Sword Hero is available on Blu-ray October 31 To enter simply add a comment to this news post with your favorite martial arts film There are no right or wrong answers
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Iran street diplomacy and Travolta the fundamentals

The things you do for of martial arts followed by a visit to a war cemetery Officially titled Basij-e Mostazafin – meaning Mobilisation of the Oppressed the movement was founded during the IranIraq war when young boys and old men were recruited
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