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Want To Travel? First Answer Some Questions From A Virtual Policeman – OpEd

They call it the Silent Talker. It is a virtual policeman designed to strengthen Europe's borders, subjecting travelers to a lie detector test before they are …Read more

Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

KUALA LUMPUR AIRPORT GUIDE : KLIA 2 (Immigration, Customs, Tourist Sim, Currency Exchange, Etc.)

Don't Talk to the Police

The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection

We Tested Europes New Lie Detector for Travelers and Immediately Triggered a False Positive

You provide your answers verbally to those and other questions and the virtual policeman uses your webcam Our reporter the first journalist to test the system before crossing the Serbian
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Facebook is working on Virtual Reality teleporter with Oculus

The social network giant has said it is attempting to build a teleporter that would use virtual reality However the plans face some serious challenges that need to be overcome before it can become a reality First is making the virtual reality
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Valerie Strauss

Valerie Strauss covers education and runs The Washington Posts long-running Answer Sheet blog She sees the education Asia in 1987 and worked as weekend foreign desk editor during some of the most riveting moments in modern times including the
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Are you at risk from online fraud

To play this video you need to enable topic and teach some related English vocabulary Joining me to do this is Rob Well talk more about this in a moment But first a very honest quiz question for you to answer Rob According to UK Finance
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Virtual learning Using AI immersion to teach Chinese

Researchers are developing a sort of smart room that can understand students words answer their questions and perceive bots to home assistants Even some language instruction products on the market feature AI or virtual reality
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Its Time to Break Up Facebook

We already have the tools we need to check the domination of Facebook This means that every time Facebook messes up we repeat an exhausting pattern first outrage then disappointment and finally resignation In 2005 I was in Facebooks first
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