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Visit Brussels: Belgian destination is well-worth your travel budget

Passengers travelling to Brussels can discover the city with the Brussels Card. Easy and advantageous, the card can be used over periods of 24/48/72 …Read more

Visit Brussels Belgian destination is well-worth your travel budget

One of the most important city-regions in Europe Brussels as it is now grew from a small rural settlement on the river Senne Brussels is known for its historical and architectural landmarks
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5 Reasons You Should Party It Up In Belgium This New Years Eve

Four years ago I spent my New Years Eve in Belgium because it is well worth it Belgians are too much fun Sure you probably wont be able to understand too much since most Belgians either speak French or Dutch but they know how to party
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Europe on a budget Travel to iconic European cities for under 1000

Heres what weve discovered that you can see or do for free in Brussels -Visit the museums Magritte Museum Musical Instruments Museum and Royal Belgium Institute also limit your need to purchase multiple tickets or passes Budget 13 assuming
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20 beautiful European cities with hardly any tourists

CNN With overtourism showing no signs of abating in Europes most famous destinations theres never been a better time to seek out wonderful options that attract fewer visitors Keen to travel somewhere is also well worth a visit
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30 Most Affordable Places To Visit in Europe

Thats why GOBankingRates put together a study on the best European cities to visit on a budget travel destinations on the continent While Spains three cities in the study place it behind Poland and Italy it still suggests that planning your
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Quick city breaks Take a trip to one of these fab destinations all within two hours of the UK

If youre looking for a family holiday destination to take the kids this summer or planning a romantic weekend away with your partner in Kent to Brussels then change for a local train ticket is included when you buy to all Belgian stations
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