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Viaggio senza fine sul fiume di «Apocalypse Now»

E infatti dopo quell'enorme e inatteso successo Francis Ford Coppola si imbarca in una nuova spericolata avventura: Apocalypse Now, che quest'anno compie quarant'anni e che il regista presenta in una nuova versione restaurata da American Zoetrope …Read more


WHAT SHOULD I DO HERE? ? ! ? ! Walking Dead – Season 3 – Episode 3 (FULL)

👍 EL CORÁN Terribles y Hermosos Secretos – THE QURAN -DOCUMENTALES

The Storyteller: FALLOUT S3 E17 – Killed My Pa

Our Last Chance for a Safe Planet

Humanity has accelerated rather than controlled human-induced climate change This is now the greatest moral issue of our time Global fossil-fuel use gravely threatens the poor who are the most vulnerable to climate change though the rich are the main
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Coaching crossing culture interview with Eefke Bodt NetWxpat

Risorse umane e coaching cross-culturale intervista a Eefke Bodt Consulente Trainer e Performance Coach oggi in forza a NetExpat You have a long carrier in human resource and now you are e quindi alla fine loro sanno di poterlo fare
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Why Turkey is Thriving

Until a few years ago the waste was dumped into a fetid stinking noxious landfill Now with cutting-edge technology the landfill has been turned into a green zone
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JANE FONDA at the Venice Film Festival for Our souls in the night

Thats why I wanted to make this movie We had not worked together for 47 years When I made the last movie with him the Sundance Institute was just beginning and now what he created has really changed the American cinema in the most profound ways
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