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Veteran Real Estate Broker Fred DeFalco's Public Pricing® Sealed Bid Auction System Chosen to …

However, the most recent million-dollar-plus home veteran real estate broker Fred DeFalco sold utilizing his Public Pricing® Sealed Bid Auction …Read more

Wilkes-Barre commercial site with back taxes removed from auction

WILKES-BARRE A city property with 271400 in unpaid real estate taxes they are estranged Auction bidders may be unaware the cavernous structure requires costly repairs and utility expenses for occupancy Jeffrey warned Bidding for the Oregon
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Why the Bailout Bill Failed

On the liberal end of the spectrum most members believe this really does represent a bailout of Wall Street and a power grab by the Bush administration and that the current crisis vindicates their longtime warnings that the financial system was riven
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Heres Whats Happening

And if you should feel a bit let down from all this drama just remember the words of the President remember we may have chosen divided government PS In that vision – CNBC is the band playing in the background See you at the bottom
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Stories for April 2014

NUA Insurance Agents Brokers is targeting up to 3000 clients with its newly-launched cyber liability insurance coverage a product designed to give businesses protection from online exposures such as e-theft THE BALLROOM at the British Colonial Hilton
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Top 14 viral videos of 2011 Royal weddings zombies and muppets top list

It features a cast of royal look-a-likes the video took its inspiration from the real-life wedding video and YouTube hit the clip shows Angry Birds players at a kiosk in a public square which broadcasts their gameplay on a giant screen followed
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