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Vergecast: Jony Ive leaving and public betas arriving

What a topical show we've got this week on The Vergecast. I'm going to be honest, there's a little bit more editing than usual here. Initially, we began the episode with some overviews of the public beta software for Apple's iPadOS, iOS 13, and macOS Catalina …Read more

Vergecast Jony Ive leaving and public betas arriving

What a topical show weve got this week on The Vergecast Im going to be honest theres a little bit more editing than usual here Its great to have the crew reacting to this organically on tape check out the cold open but I dont think we
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Jony Ive Said to Be As Connected to Product Design as Ever Following Speculation About His Role

It shook a few well-placed little birdies out of the tree all of whom emphasized that Jony Ive is as connected to product design as ever Gruber ultimately bet that Ive is not going anywhere because the arguments that state the designer is leaving
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What Steve Jobs gave Apple that Tim Cook cannot

New products are announced then launched and then over many months brought up from the obvious beta stage to an acceptable version frittering away the brand equity that he along with Jony Ive Tim Cook Phil Schiller Eddy Cue et al
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Why Should Somebody Buy This Instead of an iPad

Any examples Toshibas Thrive arriving next month has the SD slot USB port HDMI and removable batteryas befits a Toshiba its the most PC-like Android tablet Ive seen to date and among the iPad alternatives with the clearest identity of
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McCain Gets an Earful on The View

Republican presidential nominee John McCain told the hosts of ABCs The View today that his running mate Sarah Palin had never sought earmarks from Congress while she was governor of Alaska even though she had in fact asked for about 200 million for
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Prospectus Hit and Run 10 Men Out

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