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Vancouver academics limit air travel to reduce carbon emissions

Academics often justify air travel as a necessary part of the job, he said, but professional success comes as much from his local network of colleagues, …Read more

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Question Period — May 4, 2018

Vancouver academics limit air travel to reduce carbon emissions

Conferences and research trips are a big part of life for many professors but a growing number of academics are concerned about the environmental impact of all of the air travel Hundreds of people from around the world including from institutions like
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Academics pledge to fly less due to environmental impact of air travel

But anxiety about the environmental impact of air travel a carbon cost as the buildings on the Vancouver campus which have been a major focus when it comes to green policies UBC staff not all of whom are academics produced emissions roughly the
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Why our carbon emission policies dont work on air travel

In theory a carbon tax should improve carbon efficiency by increasing the costs of polluting technologies and systems relative to less polluting alternatives If this is not possible a carbon price might reduce emissions by making air travel more
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What can be done to tackle aviation emissions

So with a 50 per cent global growth in air travel over the past six years what can we do to limit our or programs to reduce emissions elsewhere Air Canadas optional carbon offset payment
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Whats going to happen to Vancouvers economy when it becomes increasingly shameful to fly

Last year Wired reported that several universities are encouraging researchers to avoid taking airplanes to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions Meanwhile more than 600 academics have the prospect of rationing air travel as a way to address this
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Victoria mayor calls for air-travel offsets

The goal is to set comprehensive plans priorities and tools to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions directly reduce carbon and take climate action both community-wide and within the corporation Helps said she tries to limit her air travel as much as
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