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Valve Index review: Next-level VR

The Valve Index has almost everything we want in a next-generation PC VR headset. It delivers excellent image quality, believable VR presence and it has a revolutionary pair of motion tracking controllers. It's just too bad it's so expensive, but hopefully its …Read more

Boneworks on Valve Index

Boneworks Preview on Valve's New Index VR Kit

Valve Index VR Kit Unboxing

Valve's Three VR Games – VR Ketchup – April 2019

Valves new Index headset is a high-end option for VR fans but is it worth the 999 price tag

and the coolest VR controllers on the market Valve Index review Next-level VR Devindra Hardawar Engadget 88100 Now for the big question Who should actually buy the Index Clearly its not meant for everyone At 1000 its not even
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Valve Index review Next level VR

It has almost everything wed want from a PC VR headset Where does virtual reality go next Right now there seem to be two paths Portable and self-contained headsets like the Oculus Quest or those connected to computers and consoles like the Rift
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Valve Index review The new bar for VR headsets

That about covers the Index headset Be sure to check out our Index Controller review as well for a fuller picture of Valves VR wager In short Theres a lot of untapped potential and youre essentially betting on whether developers will take adv
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Valve Index review VR you can buy in pieces

Maybe it has extra room sensors you need to set up Maybe it doesnt The Valve Index is not much different from other PC VR headsets in that regard see also Oculus Rift S HTC Vive or Microsofts VR offerings Its not wireless it doesnt have
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Valve Index review high-powered VR at a high-end price

But it hasnt actually produced a VR headset Thats changing with the Valve Index a high-end PC-tethered headset that starts shipping today The Valve Index is specialized and expensive even by VRs standards It costs 999 which is more than
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Valve Index review When only the best will do

Valve doesnt make thing to talk about in a review because everyone is different But at this point in the life of VR Im confident in saying that the Index is out of most people
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